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No Adobe Reader with Linux

There is a lot that is too impractical and instable for everyone that is using Adobe PDF-Reader with Linux. Probably this was the reason that Adobe has removed the Linux version from their download pages. Now, Linux is not listed anymore as a supported operating system on their download pages.

It is not exactly known when and especially why the Linux version was deleted, however the first superficially reports have already been online since August.

This was not a surprise, though! The official Linus version was last updated in May 2013. Although at this time the Windows and Mac version v11.x was already available, Linux stayed at the 9.5.x version.

BUT: Who is interested in that? Is it a huge loss?

Probably not, as the PDF-Reader of Adobe has a very bad reputation.Slow, instable, wasting resources and overloaded as it is already known from Adobe programs.

Native PDF-reading applications like Evince and Okular are performing great; they are more stable and faster than the Adobe version without the overhead.

The only disadvantage is that PDF-files cannot be filled out and saved directly. This feature is offered and used by some administration authorities.

In my opinion, the disadvantage of the Adobe App prevails in this case. I will print out, fill out my documents and scan them or will use graphic editing, as I have done it up to now as well.

Those who really need Adobe Reader with Linux cannot find it via HTTP on Adobe Homepages any more, but at the moment, the Debian-Installer is still available via the Adobe-FTP-Server.

Of course the use is without the support of Adobe and on one`s own risk. Furthermore these versions contain several non-fixed failures.

Linux is no longer avaliable at the download page of Adobe Reader.

Extract of System Requirements of Adobe Reader 10 | Linux is not avaliable

Extract of System Requirements of Adobe Reader 9

Adobe kicks Reader download for the Linux version

date2. October 2014