Ubuntu 14.4 with LXDE

I have been working for about 6 or 7 years exclusively on Ubuntu as workstation now.

Some days ago I ventured to install the update of Ubuntu 14.4. Up to now I have used the standard window manager of Ubuntu (Compitz with Unity).

Unfortunately (…from my view) Canonical`s window manager of Ubuntu is too detailed and overloaded. It was already a challenge for me, when Ubuntu switched over as standard to Compiz and Unity with its Version 11.04.

Today, the latest version 14.4 is definitely too much for me! Too many commercials and too much information that is not relevant for me, too much dash and too many effects.

At first I installed the Ixde-Desktop on the already existing Ubuntu installation. Although that worked out, it had a few faults. (My Ubuntu has not been newly set up for around 5 years now.)

After a test installation on the laptop I was excited about Ixde and decided to install Ubuntu completely new.

After a few settings and program installations my workstation is now with Ixde up to date again. From today`s point of view I cannot understand why I have not switched earlier to one of these slim and super performing window managers.

Only with one of these slim desktops one can see the potential of the latest hardware. The performance of the, nowadays quite cheap and powerful hardware is often wasted for unnecessary effects, half-transparencies, shadows, moves, animation and other things. Consequently we have to wait now, as we did 20 years ago, around a quarter, up to half a minute until an empty office file or the browser is opened. The real function of many devices is not directly focused anymore.

Mobile phones, smartphones, operating systems (…Microsoft is playing in their own league in this case) and many other devices like TVs and cameras, even cars are concerned with this trend.

In my opinion also Ubuntu with Compitz and Unity is following this path.
I am curious if Ubuntu will be successful with it in the long run.

For me and my workstation, the new update was a good choice!

Great praise and thanks to the developers of Ubuntu and LXDE. 

date7. October 2014