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Thomas Krcal - manager KKBits KG

Thomas Krcal | Managing Director KK-Bits KG

Basic operation

We accept ourselves and to the requirements of the customer, no compromise. The computer is without detours that is exactly what you would expect from him but does not want too! Compromise and tolerance towards one's own computer system is prohibitive.

The world is complicated enough

We are an IT company that focuses on simplicity of function. We believe that a User / Admin should be no button or text field must be much use in his daily interface.


Although do not change the requirements for years with most users / admins are regular updates on the agenda. This need not be. An unchanged request requires no new hardware or software.

Open Source

As internal solutions, we use (to a large extent) various open source products a. These products are much cheaper and work reliable and stable than proprietary software.

Ubuntu 14.4 wit
7. Oktober 2014

Ubuntu 14.4 with LXDE

After a few settings and program installations my workstation is now with Ixde up to date again. From today`s point of view I cannot understand why I have not switched earlier to o

No Adobe Reader
2. Oktober 2014

No Adobe Reader with Linux

Adobe kicks Reader download for the Linux version

KK-Bits Blog
28. Januar 2014

KK-Bits Blog

To maintain a regular blog is of course very time consuming. Surely it will not be possible for us to operate a so-called regular blog.

New Website
28. Januar 2014

New Website

We finally did it. Now, after about 10 years and several attempts we actually have a new website. Technically TOP-date and visually very appealing.

27. Januar 2014


Unlike the Intel / AMD x86 Prozesoren he has very special and valuable benefits. One Note that the first ARM processors have been developed in 1983 by the company Acorn.