Mensur Suljovic -- Dartplayer

Mensur Suljovic is a figurehead on the Austrian darts scene and he gained an international reputation long time ago.
Suljovic was born on 5th of March, 1972 in Tutin, Yugoslavia (today’s Serbia) and now he lives in Vienna. He has been playing darts since 1989 and he is known worldwide under the nickname The Gentle. He is one of the best e-dart players ever. In the first years of this millennium he dominated in Soft Tip Championship and achieved a  great success.
Sujovic began his sport career in e-darts in Wien and then he changed to steel darts. He celebrated his first huge success in e-darts in Kalkar, 1999. In steel darts he appeared at the Winmau World Masters in 2000, reaching last 8.

Mensur Suljovic and Thomas Krcal

In summer 2015 Mensur’s website was implemented.
The website is a great, modern page for an athlete that links all social media. Suljovic is also successfully represented on Facebook and YouTube, that’s why he combined his website directly with these media.

The website is fully responsive and works flawlessly on every device and resolution.

The back end was optimally adjusted to an individual programming on this page.  Picture upload, administration of dates, sponsors and videos (self- or YouTube – hosted)function smoothly and conveniently.

Website from No.1 darts player Mensur Suljovic

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