Lookover – The Internet Newspaper

The website is our own project.
The site represents an unusual news platform.

Everybody is invited  to write editorially valuable reports about any topic.
Look Over  provides a platform  where everyone can share their concerns.
Here are absolutely no restrictions relating to the subject.
The reports deal with

  • All kind of events (form huge events such as football world championships to folk festivals in smaller towns)
  • Books
  • Historical events
  • Structures
  • Current topics (sports, politics, society)
  • Cultural events (cinema, theater)

Lookover features about 800-1000 unique visitors daily
  • Lookover has been active for over 15 years.
  • Lookover has some editors, who  more or less regularly write reports for the website.
  • Lookover has a very practical and tidy backend for processing the data.
  • Lookover  has currently approximately 1,000 editorially valuable reports.
  • Lookover has about 50,000 images, mostly headlines.

An overview of the releases of the Web page:

Lookover Home in September 2013

Report on the Fair Book Vienna 2012

The video platform | Here are several videos together taken.

Lookover version 1 of 2003

Lookover version 2 of 2004

A clean and very user friendly backend,
provides for all editors  smooth working with the website.

Extensive reports sometimes have much more content and reader's feedback.


A project of self KKBits

Version 22004
Version 32008