Schlau PV - Management System

Development and implementation of a management system for the complete execution of the business model of the electricity provider Smart PV.

The components of the system include, among others:

  • Customer and product management
  • Contract management
  • Electricity billing, among other functions, based on quarter-hourly consumption and the corresponding market price.
  • Management of payments and dunning
  • Official Energy Change Interface
  • Customer portal
  • Sales portal
  • Sales billing
  • marketing tools
  • Ticket system and customer communication
  • Representation of different workflows

All business processes of the electricity provider are fully handled within this system.

A fully automated interface to the authority (EnergyLink) has been implemented.

Including a customer portal for billing and customer communication.

Including a sales portal for billing and communication with sales representatives.

Management System
for Schlau PV GmbH

ClientSchlau PV GmbH
Release2021 - 2024