sliderimage is a food ordering platform directly integrated with the Order-Control cash register system. Orders from are synchronized directly into the corresponding restaurant's Order-Control cash register system, accurately accounted for financially, and properly signed with the cash register signature chip.

With the Call-Control call center program, orders on FoodY can be taken not only online via the website but also over the phone.

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We have implemented many unique features in the ordering process.

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Registration with multiple address or phone number input.


Exact street selection of all streets in Austria without third-party APIs.

The system is aware of all streets in Austria independent of external third-party APIs. Streets are listed for address selection, ensuring the correct spelling of all addresses.


The unique cross-restaurant callback service provided by Foody.

The callback service forwards the customer's callback request to the Foody call center, and with Click2Call, the employee can immediately call back the customer with just one click.


Ordering with a single ordering and payment process across multiple restaurants.

It is possible to order from multiple restaurants in a single ordering and payment process. The system separates these orders and sends the corresponding order to each respective restaurant.
These orders are individually synchronized into the Order-Control cash registers, accurately accounted for, and signed.

Additional products and child products are offered during the ordering process.

Order variations for children's products with pizzas.

When selling pizzas, toppings can be ordered double, not at all, on the left, or on the right. The product variations are passed on to the Order-Control cash register system 1:1, calculated proportionally, and signed.

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Responsive implementation for all devices.

Order-Control Produktliste

Clear backend for convenient and efficient data administration.

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The food ordering platform

Foody includes hundreds of restaurants nationwide in Austria. Foody Logo Foody delivery hotline 01 377 977
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