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CASHPOINT - betting office software

For the existing betting software the company CASHPOINT we had developed some decisive duck extensions 2008 to 2009.

Automatic cash position by HESS Safe Cashier

Our module calculates special parameters permanently to the treasury. Once enstprechende thresholds are exceeded or the Treasurer of the software is giving order to cash in the safe or to get out of the safe. The same order was handed over to the corresponding port on the automatic safe Cashier HESS to accept money or spend it.

Connection official Italian Fiscal Printer

For betting offices in the Italian region specific financial technically valid ticket printer via corresponding interfaces to the Italian financial betting software had to be bound.

Connection to Thales Debit card

The existing betting office software, we have to reduce the possibility of ATM payment extended through the interface of Thales Debit card.

Modular extensions

Release2008 - 2009
LanguagesPowerbuilder, C++
Positionemployee CASHPOINT