Order-Control Android Connect

The Android app 'Order-Control Android Connect' enables caller identification for the Order-Control cash register on any Android phone.

By simply logging in, the Android phone is connected to an Order-Control instance, activating the caller identification function.

It is also possible to link multiple smartphones to an Order-Control cash register instance using 'Order-Control Android Connect'.

The Android smartphone automatically establishes a connection to the Order-Control cash register server with each incoming call and transmits the caller's phone number. The cash register server checks the phone number against the customer database and automatically opens the corresponding customer with the matching phone number.

If the phone number is not in our customer database, a form for creating a new customer opens automatically, with the incoming phone number pre-filled.

Order-Control Android Connect is available on the Play Store.


Caller identification using an Android smartphone.


Order-Control Android Connect Login Screen
Login Screen

Order-Control Android Connect Operational Screen
Connected Status