On the customer site platform  customers can obtain all the information on the Prater Card and use various functions.

  • The customer can view all entries and export them to various file formats.
  • The customer can quickly and easily add credit via the Internet  using a variety of payment.
  • The customer can personalize his card and  automatically take part in various competitions on and

The client platform is in direct contact with the entire system.
For example, a random genneriertes log for this client platform is the Viennese Prater on the sale of a new Pratercard printed automatically after payment receipt.

Prater Card Customer Portal

ClientWiener Praterverband
ReleaseSaison 2011

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Pratercard | overview

The Prater Card is a cashless payment method in the Prater.
The technical concept and the implementation is 100% at KKBits.

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Due to the different attractions and kiosks in the Prater, a compact and small version of the debit software was necessary. Unfortunately, the decision of the hardware that was not


Creation of project website Pratercard. The website has a content management system KKBits Mobile Engine which enables to process the date live. The website contains comprehensive