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Pratercard | Handheld APP

Due to the different attractions and kiosks in the Prater, a compact and small version of the debit software was necessary.
Unfortunately, the decision of the hardware that was not considered from technical point of view.

At the beginning we were not enthusiastic with the variant to use Windows CE devices. The hardware and the operating system are alltogether  not as stable as developer would want.

Nevertheless, the application is on and running on all Win CE  devices.

As RFID reader a product of SDID with the SD card slot was selected.

Motorolla Symbol MC35 SDID

This handheld debit devices behave essentially exactly to the desktop versions of the  Kisok software.
The server configuration  is  basically the same between PC and handheld device.
The handheld device is put on the server by administration card  and the handheld device gives all the necessary information.

Due to hardware and operating system, the handheld devices run much slower and less stable than the PC-software variants.

Einige Screenshoots vom Programm

With administration cards you assign the device to one or more attractions.
Prices and price ranges  are automatically loaded from the server.

In a technically difficult and  unstable situation, explicit error messages and error descriptions are necessary.

Submit transaction.


Software for Win CE units

ClientWiener Praterverband

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