Creation of project website Pratercard.
The website has a content management system KKBits Mobile Engine which enables to process the date live.
The website contains comprehensive information on Pratercard.


Holders of Prater cards can charge their credit here or on the customer platform on .
Furthermore, new Prater cards can be ordered and paid  online.
In addition, the Prater card system has a comprehensive voucher system. Vouchers can be purchased on the website and after the payments can be downloaded immediately as a gift in PDF files.

Newsletter module for the Prater Card Webshop

Project website

ClientWiener Prater Organization
CMSKKBits Mobile Engine

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Cover: Pratercard | overview

Pratercard | overview

The Prater Card is a cashless payment method in the Prater.
The technical concept and the implementation is 100% at KKBits.

Cover: Pratercard management

Pratercard management

The browser-based management system for Pratercard. The Prater Card is an overall comprehensive system with many elements involved. This management system provides administrative p


On the customer site platform customers can obtain all the information on the Prater Card and use various functions. The customer can view all entries and e