Pratercard | overview

The Pratercard is the cashless means of payment in the Viennese Prater, which tries to expand on  Prater.

With the Pratercard the tradition of cashless payment of the Prater attractions to is continued as a modern and contemporary approach, which began years ago with the  cash payment "Calafati Schilling".

The technical concept and all the components which ensure the functioning of the Pratercard was exclusively designed and implemented by us.

Presentation of the card in the first season in 2008

The technical features

The Prater card  is an RFID plastic card.
Each Pratercard has a unique number and can pay be charged by cash.
The customer gets 10% discount with the Pratercard.
Also in some catering establishments, in the Prater, the Prater card can be used.

The credit is always stored life on the server.
A special challenge represents the different types of attractions and Internet connections.

You see detailed descriptions of the individual components of the Pratercard.


The system

ClientWiener Praterverband

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