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Pratercard | Desktop Software

Prater Card Desktop software is 3 different software products, which are all based on the same scheme.
The  clients softwares that are installed  on  self-service devices and selling points of attractions in the Prater (or outside).

Netwerk communication

The software communicates with the server in a very specific encryption. The server dictates the clients various procedures and passwords. Because of the  access to the Prater variety of POS in various serious hardware and Internet connections, an increased level of security policies is necessary .


The software can occur in many different versions and is widely configurable:
a single kiosk  as an additional module of existing accounting programs in an closed system or as a simple application in the Windows system. Another option is cash system which enables to use the Pratercard apart from prater's revenue. Additionaly, this system can also be used without the Pratercard.

Usability / Features

The software is extremely simple. The operator looks only at things he needs to see.  A variety of practical features for automatic billing and sales representation ensure a smooth operation for operators and customers.
The software is compatible with multiple RFID readers.
Optionally, some customers monitor and POS printers are used.
All software components are fully capable touchscreen.

Software elements

There are 4 basic Windows software versions, which have the same structure and deal with entirely different tasks.
It is MS-Windows programs that run under all major versions.

  • Administration (Here are maps Administration awarded)
  • Kiosk (The debiting software)
  • Point of sale (The software for charging credit)
  • Software for self-service machines

The administration software

This program distributes administrators rights on cards. This Admin cards are only for administrators and configuration of client-side features and assignment of the attractions and points of sale.

The kiosk software

This represents the charge software.  The configuration of individual attractions with various characteristics (price, operator, type) takes place entirely on the server. The card assignes one or more attractions for the client and enables and configures client-side features. The debit Software as a client fetches all the server-side and debit-relevant settings and correspondingly leads the postings.
For dining establishments is a slightly differevt services are  available. Defining free debitable amount is possible.

The point of sale

This credit will be loaded on the card on the spot in cash and all kinds of charged-off vouchers. With the kiosk software single points of sale with all the features can be put on the server to the client associated with an Admin card.
The procedure and the authentication of the point of sale can be configured versatile.

The self-service device

For terminals and debit terminals, we have developed our own software version. Here, with the Prater Card a cstomer can print a ticket. With these concepts, the operator has absolutely no additional expense to the Prater Card.
For this requirement, we had to  create a self-developed terminal.
We are currently developing  a self-service machine with bill validator which can be used for independent charge by the customer.

Handheld APP

As a small and compact debit solution is a software for Windows CE
You can find more detailed descriptions for this project here.

Plug-local billing

A plugin as an additional module  for management and billing of non-Prater card sales.
Click here to see detailed descriptions for this project.


The PC desktop software

ClientWiener Praterverband
PlatformVarious versions of Windows

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