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POS network cash register system

Full featured POS cash register system for multiple POS.
Attached to the Pratercard software, this program works as a standalone POS cash system for multiple POS.
Without the Pratercard software, this module is a stand-alone POS cash system.
The POS cash registers synchronize across different technologies with the main server where all the data can be evaluated.

The sales of all POS cash registers synchronize yourself with different technologies
on the database server.



  • All employees get registered with RFID card (or any RFID chip) in the system.
  • Set the employee 's registered card on the reader , the system switches over to the local POS mode. Otherwise, the system is in the Pratercard mode.
  • The Pratercard mode can be completely removed or disabled.
  • The system will run in this case as a stand-alone POS cash system.
  • All individual POS cash registers synchronize across different technologies to the main server.
  • All bookings are always stored with all the detailed information on the server.
  • With the evaluation program, the data  can be represented, group, and compare in any form .
  • It is possible to group and respectively display months, weeks, days, years, single or multiple POS, employees, hours of the day, ( ... ), both individually and compared.
  • If required, graphical charts are created directly in the analysis.
  • There are a variety of opportunities of exporting to various file formats.
  • There is a possibilit to export cash register Directive 2012 Tax Office Austria.
  • The program complies with the cash Directive 2012 Tax Office Austria.

Evaluation program

POS location and prices are presented in various details.

By setting  registered employee card, the system switches to the local billing mode, or switches over after removing this card to the Pratercard mode.

It is possible to export data to  Directive 2012 the Tax Office Austria.

Reports can be exported into various file formats

Receipt of different POS cash

As a module for Pratercard Software

ClientLiliputbahn im Prater GesmbH
ReleaseSaison 2011
PlatformVarious versions of Windows

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