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X-Times Time recording system

X-Times is a network-based time recording system.

Basic function

  • Employees are recognized (in different installations if necessary) by the PC software and synchronized over the network to any number of fingerprint stations.
  • One or more fingers of an employee can be scanned for one fingerprint.
  • The X-Time software distribute  these finger scans to all the created fingerprint stations while synchronising.
  • Comings and goings of employees are synchronized on the different fingerprint stations and exploit by all installed PC  and the employee online platform.
  • If the central server is installed on the Internet, (or is online otherweise) can fully synchronize multiple LAN's the software.
  • In addition, the software offers an online platform where employees can view all current  data  at any time.

Function diagram

Functionality of the software

  • Full management of staff with various master data and photo.
  • Automated live calculation of holiday days at current time.
  • Current status of vacation days, time off, sick leave, over-time or deficit hours for all employees in one convenient list.
  • Full employee access to all data through a web interface with individual entrances.
  • Export of data in a variety file formats avaible.
  • Right format for reading and writing within the software.
  • Compact synchronising of all  data in all directions.
  • Various warnings for non or false entry by employees.
  • Various administrative functions to process the booking.
  • convenient installation

Time data for an employee, including export functions (OO, Excel, CSV, PDF)

Time hours, holidays, compensatory time and sick leave of all employees in a simple list.

Master data of an employee. Direct from this form an order can be transferred to any finger scan inside the current LAN to scan employees finger.

A detailed structure of rights checked read and write the data.

A detailed list of time data of all employees. Again, with export features into various formats.


Fully automatic system on fingerprints

ClientLiliputbahn im Prater GesmbH
PlatformVarious versions of Windows

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