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Cover: Order-Control


Order-Control is an all-encompassing cash register system with many unique functions. Various booking modes offer different basic functions of cash registers. Different basic cash

Cover: POS network cash register system

POS network cash register system

Full featured POS cash register system for multiple POS network.

Cover: X-Times Time recording system

X-Times Time recording system

X-Times is a network-based time recording system. Basic function Employees are recognized (in different installations if necessary) by the PC software and synchronized over the net

Cover: B.Times | Accounting program

B.Times | Accounting program

B.Times is a program for management and billing differently priced products and equipment in connection with time. B.Times stands out thanks to extremely simple and intuitive opera

Cover: CASHPOINT - betting office software

CASHPOINT - betting office software

For the existing betting software the company CASHPOINT we had developed some decisive duck extensions 2008 to 2009.

Cover: Pratercard | Desktop Software

Pratercard | Desktop Software

Prater Card Desktop software is 3 different software products, which are all based on the same scheme. The clients softwares that are installed on self-service devices and selling

Cover: | Offline Manager
Icon-box | Offline Manager

A tool for processing very large internet database.

Cover: Pearle Optik | Intranet

Pearle Optik | Intranet

Intranet solution for Pearle Optik Austria.
The internal interface of all Pearle branches.