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Cover: Order-Control Android Connect

Order-Control Android Connect

The Android app 'Order-Control Android Connect' enables caller identification for the Order-Control cash register on any Android phone. By simply logging in, the Android ph

Cover: Schlau PV - Management System

Schlau PV - Management System

Development and implementation of a management system for the complete execution of the business model of the electricity provider Smart PV. The components of the system include, a

Cover: Hochwerth Project development

Hochwerth Project development

Classic website for a construction company in Vienna. Simple but appealing responsive design. Responsive web design for all devices.

Cover: Order-Control


Order-Control is an all-encompassing cash register system with many unique functions. Various booking modes offer different basic functions of cash registers. Different basic cash

Icon-shoppingcart is a food ordering platform directly integrated with the Order-Control cash register system . Orders from are synchronized directly into the corresponding restaur


Rabago is an auction platform for print jobs. Print jobs are defined via very special functions and print shops are sub- mitted to receive these jobs. The platform is run across Eu

Cover: Grillmann kills the Zombies

Grillmann kills the Zombies

After creating the website as restaurant website , we implemented a fantastic HTML5 game with voucher creation for Grillman Restaurant. Depending on the achieved score, a

Cover: FOODY.AT Restaurant-Websites

FOODY.AT Restaurant-Websites

A high-quality website system has been integrated into the ordering system. This website system offers the possibility to implement flexible websites for restaurants very